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Important message to all visitors... does not condone, encourage or support gang related criminal activity or violence against any individual, group or organisation. The use of is intended solely for novelty and fun purposes and is only to be used for the generation of harmless names for groups, just-for-fun gangs, teams and organisations.

We strongly support the work carried out by anti-crime and anti-bullying organisations such as Beatbullying and the NCVC.

Creating new gang names will enable to build the database even further and give an even bigger choice of names to choose from.

Please complete the following form to create a gang name for the database. All submitted gang names are subject to approval before they will display on You may create as many names as you wish but not all may be approved. Certain characters may be removed for security reasons. New gang names created are with the agreement that users of have the free right to use this name.

The gang name must not include:

  • Extreme or excessive use of strong language, including references of an adult nature.
  • Violent or racial discrimination towards any group, individual or organization.